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194 Macchiatto and Cypress Hill. Because I'm a f*cking gangster and stuff.
202 The everything-bagel makes a promise that it can't possibly keep.
227 I want the cafe customers to feel welcome... And just slightly afraid.
117 Lady with a 4-year old asked me to turn off A$AP because of the language. So I was all, "no, it's not my fault your kid is a f*cking nerd."
98 My boss watches the cameras at the cafe. But he'd save time if he just followed my twitter to see that I'm not working.
134 It's 8 am on MLK Day and this customer wants to talk about how our President "isn't very black"? What the f*ck is going on?
267 Holy f*ck. This lady just ordered a "big cup of chino", without a hint of irony.
126 If you've ever ordered an americano with steamed soy milk, you're pretty much on par with Hitler in my book.#muglife
76 If you're wearing neon plastic sunglasses in the pouring rain, and you're not blind, I hope you walk into traffic.
249 No, you can't return your dirty-chai.. That's why I asked you if you knew what it was before I made it.
61 The pizza-bagel's identity crisis is too much for me to handle this early in the morning.
140 If you walk into a cafe, take out your guitar and start playing it loudly. You are a crazy person. And everyone dislikes you.
171 You know you're a cocky barista when you get offended if people put sugar in the coffee you just made.
76 Whether or not you biked here is inconsequential. Those capri pants look ridiculous.
495 Instead of buying your kid rice-milk-hot-chocolate, just punch them in the back of the head & tell them life is full of disappointments.
94 I'm not saying 4 macchiatos is too much... I'm just saying I can't feel my face.
191 Every time someone orders an extra-hot-no-foam latte, an angel rapes a puppy.
106 Sir, if you insist on eating that bagel with a knife and fork, then I'll have to ask you to leave.
86 Tips this morning have been wack. I'm choosing to blame the selfish nature of mankind, and not my absolutely horrible attitude.
173 Customer just lectured me about going back to school so I could "start my career". I did not react positively.